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shenzhen xinyuren technology co., ltd., press on continuous innovation

shenzhen xinyuren technology co., ltd., founded in 2002, is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on high-end equipment, mainly engaged in intelligent manufacturing high-end equipment research and development, production and sales, products mainly include lithium ion battery production equipment and its key components and other automation equipment. we provide high-end equipment and automation solutions for customers in lithium ion batteries, optoelectronics, medical supplies, hydrogen fuel cells and other industries.

in the field of lithium-ion battery production equipment, the company's products are mainly used in the whole process of lithium ion battery manufacturing, such as drying and coating, roller pressing, slitting, automatic assembly and other processes. the company can provide lithium ion battery drying and coating system solutions, and developed a complete set of continuous automatic production line and intelligent control system for lithium ion battery electrode.

in recent years, on the basis of continuously strengthening the win-win cooperation with lithium customers, the company has also realized the expansion of photoelectric, medical, hydrogen fuel cell and other fields, and successfully provided a number of high-end equipment and automation solutions. at the same time, the company actively to the core parts of the equipment supporting research and development, has some of the core parts of the independent research and development and manufacturing capacity.

insists on independent research and innovation, and has built a complete research and development process system, which is "guangdong power lithium battery automation key equipment engineering technology research center". the company has "academician (expert) workstation", "postdoctoral innovation experimental base", and won the title of national key specialized special new "little giant" enterprise.

xinyuren technology adheres to the corporate spirit of "rising to the challenge, continuous innovation" and the business philosophy of "company platform, technology productization". strive to become a chinese national brand controlling the core technology of high-end equipment, harmonious society with products, and make the world simple!

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in huizhou industrial park design

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