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construction of cultural relics

3d scanning technology have many applications in data preservation, restoration, analysis of the structure and other areas. provide a good solution, for the preservation of cultural relics and historic sites

1.cultural relics preservation and restoration

many monuments are in danger of being damaged under the impact of modern civilization, and the conservation and restoration of monuments are urgent. 3d scanning technology can obtaines 3d shape by the method of non-contact scanning, it can not only save data to achieve these relics, but also provided data basis to its repair.


2.structure analysis

scan the architectural structures, the configuration data can be obtained quickly and accurately to do structural analysis.


3.virtual tour

scan the heritage and obtained 3d data through three-dimensional scanning technology, coupled with the online platform or virtual reality technology, the online museum can be built to allow people to travel without leaving home and see a variety of cultural relics and historic sites.


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