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  • handheld 3 d scanner power wax museum
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  indeed, 3d printers this year in wax production areas has been very mature. use 3d printer to make the wax has settled in madame tussauds wax museum and other famous. 3d printing production of wax and traditional production of what is different?

  in the past, making traditional wax figures before, need to accurately tailor work hours to live, the whole process, copy the object need to maintain the same posture, it largely limits the difficult position.

  3d printing wax is completely different, the staff just a hand-held 3d scanner to scan the 3d data acquired is processed by imported 3d printing equipment made of polymer powder, finally on the surface attached to a layer of wax, wax like this can guarantee high accuracy, and make it seem more real.

  with the increasing popularity of 3d printers, the price is becoming more and more close to the people. we can not imagine the future, everyone can use their own 3d printer for themselves, making one for relatives and friends of the true to life. the wax museum, will no longer mysterious.

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