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  • dpi - 8 with 3 d scanner using method
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  dpi-8 handheld 3d scanner is composed of several parts, a nvidia android tablet, a support plate, a handle, the most important thing is in a group of lens plate is fixed on the back end, they have to realize 3d scanning. operation of the handheld scanner is also very simple, run the phi.3d application on the tablet, the object can be scanned at the beginning of the click. at the time of scanning, phi.3d will give very clear instructions, the surface covered with white will start pre scan, when a region began to be converted into yellow that has received the scan data, when the area turns green when scanning data is very accurate. as long as you continue to scan the location of the screen prompts you can finally get a complete three-dimensional scanning data. click on the end to end the scanning process, we can also directly view scan results on the plate this time, through finger rotation, zoom, move, can also take on the scan results by measuring the amount of direct function size. for the results of the scan is not satisfied with the place can also continue to sweep through the function of the breakpoint to continue to improve the scanning data, and finally can automatically optimize the data processing.

  after scanning, we can not directly get the three-dimensional model, but the dp format point cloud data. the corresponding data processing also need to tianbao realworks software, packaged into a mesh model, can turn into a sketchup acceptable file format. autodesk can also be read by the recap software, transferred to 3dsmax, autocad and then processed.  

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