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  • the development of hand-held laser 3 d scanner application
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凯发k8官网下载客户端中心-凯发k8官网下载手机版the utility model relates to a hand held laser three-dimensional scanner, which is a device which uses a laser which is projected by a grating to scan the three-dimensional point cloud data of an object. three dimensional laser scanner is a kind of non-contact 3d photogrammetry system, and its appearance has a profound influence on the development of the scheme.

the 3d scanning skills is to deal with industrial category plan and production demand was born, its main skills from the present to the present, has launched the four generation. three dimensional laser scanner attributed to the second generation of three-dimensional scanning technology. the second generation of 3d laser scanning line scanning skills are skills, it looks to the object projecting a laser line, and was certainly the angle camera photography, laser line in the picture by the surface shape and winding, thus the calculation of 3d data.

3d laser scanner as high-tech goods, 3d laser scanner has been successful in the protection of cultural relics, the city built by means of measurement, topographic mapping, mining industry, deformation monitoring, factories, large-scale planning, pipeline project, ship making, aircraft, railway and highway tunnel project, a bridge reconstruction and other areas. the 3d laser scanner, the scanning directly appears as a 3d point cloud, point cloud data using 3d laser scanning skills acquisition, 3d visualization model can be quickly established planning messy, irregular scene, is both time and effort. this handheld 3d laser scanner can produce super talent, shorten the product development cycle, production plan, travel power, travel goods and travel to the development company, the company's overall market competition of talent, let the company swept the money into.


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