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  • armed with 3 d scanner scanning speed and output
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凯发k8官网下载客户端中心-凯发k8官网下载手机版handheld scanner scanning speed is an important parameter to choose the scanner, because scanning time determines the important factors of the overall output. as with precision, there is no standard for scanning speed to make it easier to compare with the marketing material and the content of the market. in the absence of an accepted reference, an empirical comparison shows that for the same basic type, the scan time may vary from 30 seconds to a few minutes. more stringent manufacturers will disclose their scan time as long as they are selected.

in general, scanning time alone does not reveal the scanner's ability to produce. technicians need to consider the entire workflow, from the beginning of the creation of orders to make a complete design for the use of three-dimensional scanning cad end. this is not only related to the scanner hardware, but also with the driver system. from this point of view, we can find that the performance of different scanner brands will be greater.

high automation allows users to shorten the time of the entire scan process. automation can also reduce the likelihood of an error, because it helps avoid rework - the most time spent in all errors. for example, manual control of the brightness of the camera may lead to excessive exposure of the image, so that the projected line of light can no longer be detected.

some hardware features can save processing time. in the absence of the operator, in a transmission type generation scanner bar or generation plate under the action of many minutes can work. a technician can work with multiple scanners at the same time, or make use of spare time to design the prosthesis in cad software. good dental implants can reduce the number of failures, which is a source of annoying waste of time.

the most accurate source of information on the scanning speed is likely to be found in the user evaluation, especially in the evaluation of the failure rate, as well as in the video showing the entire scan process.


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