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  • 3d scanner company for you to introduce measurement
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today, think about the contents of the 3d scanner for everyone to bring about the 3d scanner measurement, it can be said that the measurement is an important feature of it is that it can play a role in the foundation. 3d scanner measurement methods in the development of the era of continuous improvement, more and more accurate. and listen to our 3d scanner company.

at first, the technology is not developed, 3d scanner companies are using contact measurement method, through the touch with the object, the corresponding data to the device, and then calculated. one of the most representative of the three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine, and even reached the micron precision. but it also has its drawbacks, not to mention that it is unable to measure the functional defects of soft objects, it is the price that makes a lot of people on the 3d scanner products prohibitive.

science and technology is always progressing, and 3d scanner has made a lot of efforts on the road to better measurement. passive measurement is the first step in their non - contact. the passive mode does not need specific light source, completely rely on the object of the natural light scanning, but this way has low precision, can only scan the geometric characteristics of the object, just as a transition.

another advance active non-contact method is 3d scanner, by artificially projected to the object specific light, such as laser, laser scanning through again and again, to make accurate measurements of objects, but only slowly. in addition, due to the characteristics of the laser, there will be a certain amount of damage, so it can not be used in biological or some precious items.

the above content is that we look at the contents of the 3d scanner for you, and i hope to help you, if you need, please consult us, consulting hotline: 0571-85852597.

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