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  • turbine blade 3d detect by hscan 3d scanner
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customer’s question

turbine is the fan in the automobile or aircraft engine, it use the exhaust gas to blow the fuel stem into engine to enhance engine performance. it is a main part of aircraft engine, gas turbine and steam turbine.

the customer got an offer which need to write a test report. however, the tradition test way is inefficiency and it seriously affect the manufacturing productivity. and the product can’t be exported to overseas.

question of scan turbine blade

1.large number of turbine blades, and the tradition measurement cannot be fast detection.

2.the blade has many death angle and lead to the incomplete data acquisition, and can’t do the 3d detect.

after understanding the high performance and the features of high accuracy of hscan 3d scanner, they attempts to use hscan 3d scanner to obtain blade’s 3d data, and achieve the quality inspection of turbine blade, thereby significantly improving efficiency.

scantech solution

        step1.using hscan 3d scanner to obtain the turbine’s 3d data

        step2.do the comparison to its model file

        step3.analyze the deviation

        step4.adjust the product

needed product
hand held 3d scanner


product features

no powder, highly scan speed, highly efficiency

high accuracy, small death angle, easy to operate

hscan working time



what about the result?

scan and obtain 3d data

fitting features, get the section


extract testing element according to customer’s demand


provide test result according to customer’s demand




hscan 3d scanner can scan from multi angle and it decrease the death angle. it can keep the data complete. the output format is compatible to many 3d software. customer consider the scanner as an important tool during product design and detect, it also provide data support for product develop and quality assurance.

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