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zscan-q structure light 3d scanner

zscan photo scanner combines the structured light technology, phase measurement, computer vision technology of complex 3d non-contact measurement, and scan with blue ray raster. support automatic stitching. it has high efficiency, long term service time and high accuracy. especially suit to scan those has high requirement about details.

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physical characteristics





source attribute

light source categories


single grating projection time

     ≤1s,130w pixel
     ≤2s,300w pixel
     ≤4s,500w pixel

scanner properties

scan type

double eyes

the average point spacing


single scan area



130w /300w/500w pixel


scan mode

non-contact surface scan

single precision

up to0.005mm(100mm×75mm视野) 0.015mm(200mm×150mm视野)

splicing way

automatic splice

interface characteristics

physical interface

power cord , data collection lines

data transmission interface



form the stl default output forma. a variety of standard data file format output

, compatible with a variety of cad software (catia、proe 、ug、geomagic、imagewave等)

environmental parameters

operating temperature range


operating humidity range ( non-condensing )


zscan-q structure light 3d scanner

camera type three-dimensional scanner uses a structure of optical non-contact measurement principle, structure measurement of grating projection device of projection number encoding picture of a particular light on the object to be measured, two camera angle synchronous recovery of the image, then the image decoding and phase calculation, and using the matching technology, triangle measurement principle, solution two calculate the 3d coordinates of the camera as the pixel area of the public. camera pixel devices used by the different scanning speed and the details of differences, zscan-d camera type three-dimensional scanner according to customer demand for custom camera models, with the optimal solution cost to provide customers with the best equipment and solutions.

large depth of field:suit not only normal objects, but also those  high depth of field objects;

high precision:130w~500wexl high configuration camera;

non-contact surface scan:using photographic theory to do the non-contact optical scanning,obtain 3d data. meet measurement requirements for soft, easily deformable objects;

surface scan mode:scanning a three-dimensional surface, to obtain theentire surfacethree-dimensional data. the measuring point spread high density and very regular.

zscan-q structure light 3d scanner


marks points stitching automatic:measurements can be fully automatic splicing,objects can be arbitrarily flip and move.

low demand for environment:normal ambient light does not affect the scanning system,and the high precision data can be obtained;

portable:detachable equipment parts easily, covers a small area, and convenient to do  measurement.

out-put format:the point cloud data is asc、ac format ,can interact data with ug、catia、geomagic、pro/e、master cam and etc software; 

easy to learn:only need 3-5days training.

applicable industry


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