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escan-3 handheld 3d scanner

escan series portable 3d scanner are developed by hangzhou scantech co., ltd. it adopts multiple beam laser to obtain the three-dimensional point from object surface. operator can hand-hold the device and adjust the distance and angle between the scanner and measured object timely. it can cooperate with the global photography measurement system when scanning the large piece object to eliminate the accumulated error and improve the global scanning accuracy. the scanner can also be conveniently carried to industrial field or production workshop, and scanned the object efficiently and accurately according to its size and shape.

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physical characteristics





light characteristics

laser class

 class ⅱ (eye-safe)

light source

3 parallel laser lines

scanner characteristics

stand-off distance


depth of field





measurement rate

125,000 measures/s


up to 0.06mm

volumetric accuracy


volumetric accuracy

with mscan 


port characteristics

physical port

signal and power cables are integrated

 in the same industrial connector plug

data transmission interface

gigabit network port

output formats

.ply、.obj、.igs、.stl、.stp、.fbx、.wrl etc.

it can be customized according to user

environment parameter

operating temperature range


operating humidity range


escan-3 handheld 3d scanner

escan is a basic industrial 3d scanner which suitable for structure 3d data obtain.

scan with three parallel laser lines can obtain the data easily. through the selection of the point cloud density to control the size of the scan file. scan different parts according to the relative detail requirements.

product feature

the scanned object does not need to be fixed
automatically generate the stl triangular mesh surface, and the data can be processed rapidly as the format is stl
the handheld device could be carried with the personnel. and the weight is less than 1kg.
the price is far below than other scanner, however, it has the similar performance to those high-end scanner.
the device can scan at outside as well as inside. it could also scan in a narrow space such as scan the cockpit and the car interior dashboard. multiple equipment can scan at the same time. all the data are in the same coordinate system and don’t need to match it.
connect by the gigabit ethernet cable and support work over a long distance.

applicable industry


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