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lscan laser 3d sensor (profilometer)

lscan series of three-dimensional laser sensor using imported industrial cameras and lenses, high precision, long life, stable and reliable data, can easily achieve long-term online testing, manufacturing automation.

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lscan 系列规格


93.3 mm - 115.2 mm (h) x 50 mm (w) x 167.06 mm (l)


700 g

operating temperature

0ºc to 50ºc (32ºf to 122ºf)

storage temperature

-10ºc to 60ºc (-14ºf to 140ºf)

maximum humidity

85% (non-condensing)


ip65 (with cognex recommended ip65 ethernet and power i/o cables)


50gs (11 ms half-sine pulse)


8gs (10-500 hz for 30 minutes)

discrete i/o operating limits

trigger input voltage limits: - 24 vdc – +24 vdc input on: > 10 vdc (>6ma) input off: < 2 vdc (<1.5 ma)

encoder input specifications

differential: a+/b+: 5-24v (50 khz max) a-/b-: inverted (a+/b+) single -ended: a+/b+: 5-24v (50khz max) a-/b-: +0vdc=½(a+/b+)

power supply

voltage: +24 vdc (22-26 vdc) current: 500 ma max

scan rate

up to 18khz


cognex designer software


gigabit ethernet interface integrated link and traffic leds standard m12-8 connector




ethernet cable: 5m, ip65-rated power: + i/o + encoder cable, ip65-rated mounting bracket stainless steel enclosure, ip69k-rated for the food industry

vc5 controller

intel i5 processor, precision i/o real time communication, 207 mm (h) 132.6 mm (w) x 229.5 (l)

lscan laser 3d sensor (profilometer)

lscan 3d laser sensor can obtain the contour data of the product through the optical non-contact scanning, and real-time data transmitted to the processing unit, processing unit through the decision-making adjustment control unit to realize the on-line adjustment, let the benefit of.

through the online detection can also easily screening defective products, product type sorting work, as to the assembly line and the mechanical hand and a pair of eyes.

lscan laser 3d sensor (profilometer)


examples of automatic shoe production. this system can realize the automatic scanning line to send the products, when the products enter the scanning zone automatically trigger the 3d coordinates of edge products obtained by scanning 3d scanning sensor, then through ethernet to send automatic glue machine hand follow-up on the position according to the preset trajectory corrected parameters and direction of operation, to achieve product identification automatic process.

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