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software geomagic reverse design x

geomagic design x (original rapidfrom xor) software is the world's only 3d scan data can be used to create a cad model based on 3d reverse engineering software. editable entity models can be applied in many ways.

  • convert to cad fastest path

  • interchangeable with all 3d scanners

  • creating cad model with feature tree synchronization

can be converted into solidworks, pro/e, nx, autocad, catia and other file formats

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geomagic design x

a shortcut to cad model from 3d scan

software geomagic reverse design x

making 3d scan data easier to use

no matter what kind of determination of 3d scanner point cloud patches or basically cannot be directly used to design. geomagic design x is able to create a model directly from the broken or clutter scanned data.

the fastest way to get cad data from raw data

this is the easiest way to get feature modeling data from 3d scan data. design x redesign tools can be used than cad software designed to shorten the working time.

software geomagic reverse design x


the user interface based on cad software is easier to understand learning

using cad staff is easy to start learning design x, xor entity modeling tool is based on the cad modeling tool, easy to understand the simple user interface is conducive to learning software.


strong and flexible

design x based on the integrity of the cad core to build, all the work done with a program, the user does not have to enter and exit procedures. and according to the error correction function automatic processing of scanning data, so it can be more simple and quick processing of a lot of data.

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