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automatic vacuum baking line

used for lithium electrode sheet or cell drying.this equipment is energy saving, time-saving, high vacuum water removal, tunnel transmission, seamless and automatic docking with the front and back processes, under different process conditions, different pressures and temperatures, can achieve continuous transmission and unmanned management, product consistency is good.

automatic vacuum baking line

soft-pack battery two-seal assembly line

used for cutting air bags after liquid injection and packaging of soft - pack lithium ion batteries.this device integrates the functions required by the back-end process of the soft-pack battery, including vacuum packaging, air bag cutting, folding and ironing processes. the whole line adopts the automatic transmission and handling mode, which has the characteristics of high speed, flexibility and convenient changing, and can realize the automatic production of products.

soft-pack battery two-seal assembly line

intelligent high vacuum oven

used for lithium electrode sheet or cell drying.this equipment adopts the principle of high vacuum molecular state water removal, lithium ion battery materials in high vacuum, high temperature environment, accelerate moisture gasification, fast drying of materials, customers can be flexibly configured according to production capacity.

intelligent high vacuum oven

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