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reverse engineering

reverse engineering

reverse engineering is a reproduction process of product design technology. it is to say, to do the reverse analysis and obtain some design items such as the process flow, organizational structure, functional characteristics, and technical specifications. that we can produce a product which has similar function but not exactly same. reverse engineering derive from the hardware analysis of military and commerce field. its main purpose is to do the product analysis and derived the design principle while it can’t obtain the produce information. 

process introduction


with the improve of modern manufacturing technology and product design, the complex and precision degree makes reverse engineering more difficult. especially for those complex structure products which has multi-surface, it is almost impossible to do the integrate reverse engineering by hand test.

hscan 3d scanner obtain the 3d point cloud data, and corporate with professional software can obtain kinds of shape piece 3d drawings, such as screw surface, stiffener and cavity. users can also transfer 3d drawing to 2d drawing. reverse engineering are widely used in product design, manufacturing and cultural relic restore.

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