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3d printing &rapid prototyping

3d printing &rapid prototyping

3d printing has developed rapidly in recent years, gradually develop to the consumer level, it become one of the hottest new technology in the world. the application of 3 d printer objects can infiltrate into every industry, and it must involve to 3d digital model. the traditional 3d modeling software such as ug, solidworks and 3d max are difficult to use.

process introduction


hscan hand-held 3d scanner is efficient and stable, it can be automatically orientated and needs no additional mechanical arm or another tracking device. the handheld device could be carried with the personnel. and the weight is less than 1kg. hscan hand-held 3d scanner utilize the binocular principle to calculate the project linear 3d information. the device determines its space location through the object surface mark points. it uses the liner 3d data and scanner’s location to obtain the 3d data that the device goes through to form the consecutive 3d data.

the 3d scanner convert the object to 3d digital model, and the 3d printer print it. 



think of 3d customer groups mainly for aerospace and defense, auto parts, electronic products, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing, furniture technology, education industry, jewelry industry and other groups, to provide professional services for the 3d modeling of customers, so that customers have strong competitiveness in the industry, keep the forefront of the industry level in the rapid development of science and technology the era.

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